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Before Launch

{First Name}...
Just for you {First Name}...
Healthy Pregnancy Virtual Summit... [Free Pass]

Healthy Pregnancy Summit... [FREE]
Concerned About Your Pregnancy...? [FREE Virtual Summit]

{FIRST NAME}, are you still looking for help and answers about having a healthy baby  without pregnancy risks…? 

If so, here’s something that you’ll want to check out and reserve your virtual seat for this while it’s still free:

Healthy Pregnancy Summit → INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE (Reference: )

Talk Soon,
[ Signature Name ] 

P.S. It was created by a friend of mine, Dr. Jim Adams and it’s exclusively for moms and dads who want to ensure  that their baby is healthy!

Divider Text

{First Name}, Did You See This...
Have A Happy Pregnancy And Healthy Baby Now...
How I'm Gonna Have My Next Baby...

{FIRST NAME}, are you pregnant and want a happy and healthy baby ...?

[Check this out -  Healthy Pregnancy Summit] << Link

You don't need to struggle to have a healthy pregnancy or worry about dangerous complications !   [Watch Now]

Talk Soon,
[ Signature Name ] 

Before Launch

{First Name}, did you see this yet…?
[FREE] - Healthy Pregnancy Virtual Summit
[Gift] - Healthy Pregnancy Virtual Summit
Healthy Pregnancy Virtual Summit - [Your Free Pass]
{First Name},Healthy Pregnancy Virtual Summit - FREE…!

You're gonna REALLY like this {FIRST NAME}… 


It's a 3-day virtual summit of doctors, midwives, nutritionists and other pregnancy experts who are sharing the secrets of how to have a healthy pregnancy and happy baby.

After you see the line up of experts, you'll definitely  want to register for this virtual event.

The best part of all about this online 3-day summit event is that it’s free - but only for a VERY short while!

Be sure to register here while the Healthy Pregnancy Virtual Summit is still free.

( CTA Link Text: [Register Here For Free] )

I’ll be there too!

Talk Soon,
[ Signature Name ] 

P.S. Imagine what life could be like if you could virtually guarantee that you could have a full-term healthy pregnancy... now you can!

This virtual summit is free but only if you claim your pass now… Don’t wait on this one!

( CTA Link Text: [Register Here For Free])  → INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE

Before Launch

{First Name}, BIG News… [Personal]
{First Name}, free Healthy Pregnancy Summit...
Are you really going to miss this {First Name}?
{First Name}, the clock is ticking down… [Less Than ___hours]
For pregnant moms only… [Healthy Pregnancy Summit]
Free Pass: Healthy Pregnancy Summit

<< -- BODY -- >>
Hey {First Name},

I’ve just received word that something BIG is about to happen in the world of prenatal health and you’re now on the inside, since I just had a peek “behind the curtain”... 

On August 19-21, James Adams, PhD and Dr. Debby Hamilton MD, MSPH are launching the Healthy Pregnancy Summit that will help  you get the information and resources necessary to ensure your pregnancy is safe, healthy and happy and decrease your worrying that you might be putting your baby's health at risk.

Here’s your link to register now - while it’s still free!
( CTA Link Text: [Register Here For Free] ) → INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE
(Reference Link: )

When you see the topics being covered by these 32+ world-class pregnancy experts, you’ll understand why the Healthy Pregnancy Summit is going to be an absolute game changer for those who attend!

You’ll discover exactly how to overcome your toughest challenges by starting to address the fear that... 

  • your delivery won't go like you want it to
  • your pregnancy may have complications
  • your baby may have developmental issues
  • your doctor won't be available for your delivery
  • your hopes of being a good mother may never happen

You can finally get proven, medically sound information and avoid getting bad advice from others regarding how to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Dr. Jim Adams & Dr. Debby Hamilton have lined up 32+ world-class experts in prenatal health for a LIVE 3-day online event like no other.

And the best part about all this is that…

…It’s FREE for you to attend!

Unlike conferences and hotel seminars that you have to invest time and money to travel to, you can attend this cutting edge online virtual summit from anywhere in the world. Cool huh?

No booking flights, rental cars, and hotel rooms, no dealing with layovers, lost luggage, and no missed work or time away from home.

Instead, from the comfort of your home or office or wherever you choose to listen in, you’re also going to learn exactly how to…

  • develop confidence in yourself to make good choices for you and your baby
  • avoid dangerous complications
  • have a happy and healthy baby
  • know how to navigate the landscape of our changing world
  • be proactive about the health of your pregnancy
  • And so much more...

Now, all that’s left to do is to [Claim Your FREE Virtual Ticket Here] before time runs out.→ INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE
(Reference Link: )

You’ll need to reserve your digital seat to attend so that we can send out a reminder to you about the event on each day so that you don’t miss any of the talks and all the extras that come with it.

The Healthy Pregnancy Summit is going to be awesome!

Simply [>> CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT <<] before life gets in the way and you forget… (Reference Link: )

You’ll get to listen for free to all 32+ speakers over a full 3 days, but you must reserve your seat right now, today.

Talk Soon,
[Your Name]

P.S. I want to help Dr. Adams & Dr.  Hamilton get the word out about the Healthy Pregnancy Summit and you’re one of the first to know! 

If you wouldn’t mind sharing the free registration link via email or social media with a few others you may know, they’ll also be able to claim their own free pass… I’d really appreciate it! (Plus you’ll look like a superhero for being the first to share!)

Here’s the link again that you can share:
(Reference Link: )

Before Launch

Are You Watching The Healthy Pregnancy Summit...?
Do You Have Plans Yet On August 19-21...?
{First Name}, Did Your Register Yet…? [Healthy Pregnancy Summit]

<< -- BODY -- >>

Hey {First Name},

I felt compelled to send you an email to make sure you knew about the most important event for expecting moms happening August 19-21.

Summit Hosts, James Adams, PhD and Dr. Debby Hamilton MD, MSPH have allowed me to pass along an Early Bird link to you, so be sure to give this a quick read and set a reminder to attend this free online prenatal health training event. 

No travel, planes, lost baggage, over-priced hotels or anything that is going to take you away from your family…!

This FREE online event will help you…

  • create a love-filled new chapter in your life
  • improve your chance of having a healthy, full-term pregnancy
  • reduce your stress, anxiety and worry
  • learn cutting edge science of prenatal health
  • and become confident in your ability to handle the pressure of pregnancy and childbirth


  • You will learn how to gracefully plan for a healthy pregnancy...
  • You can reduce the risk of complications...
  • You will discover ways to handle the stress and anxiety you might feel of becoming a new mom...
  • And Much More... 

Did you know that The U.S. CDC estimates that congenital disorders occur in about 1 in every 33 infants born in the United States each year....?

Crazy right… here’s another statistic that, like me, you may not have known:

Women over 35 are more likely to give birth to twins or triplets!

This is EXACTLY why Dr. Adams & Dr. Hamilton put together this virtual event just for you!

They called in some serious favors to get 32+ expert presenters together for you during this free 3 day online event, created exclusively for .

I would love it if you took just 30 seconds to go here so you can grab your virtual event ticket to the Healthy Pregnancy Summit while they're still available… 

( CTA Link Text: Click here to learn more ) 

The Healthy Pregnancy Summit truly represents A NEW WAY to help you ensure your pregnancy is safe, healthy and happy, with advice and recommendations that SIMPLY WORK. 

This isn’t pregnancy “theory” — this event will reveal THE NEW FOUNDATION for families in today’s crazy and ever-changing world. 

So, if ensuring your health and your baby's health is a priority...

Go here and grab your free virtual ticket while it’s still free.

( CTA Link Text: Read More (Important) ) 


P.S. If sifting through all the information online and in books as well as advice from well-meaning friends and family feels exhausting and overwhelming… don’t worry! 

Most pregnancy moms I’ve met over the years are in the same boat as you. 

That’s why Dr. Adams & Dr. Hamilton and 32+ other experts are offering to coach you during this live event along with the TOP prenatal health leaders. This truly is a unique and valuable opportunity to access cutting edge prenatal health information for free!


Day Before Launch

{First Name}, Did You Register For This Yet…?
This Starts Tomorrow  {First Name}...
Are You Going  {First Name}...?
It's Hard to Believe That This Is FREE...

Hi {First Name},

Tomorrow is the kickoff for the Healthy Pregnancy Virtual Summit!

If you haven't claimed your free registration yet, here's the  link.

>> [Register FREE Here]

32+ healthy pregnancy experts are sharing the  proven strategies so that you can be the best mother you can be and feel confident in your choices.

Then, be sure to set your reminder so that you don't miss it!

If you're looking for a way to virtually guarantee that you have a healthy and happy baby, without risky complications... here it is!

Talk Soon,
[ Signature Name ]

P.S. The Healthy Pregnancy Virtual Summit is only FREE for a few days - be sure to [get your link here] to watch while it's still free.

During Launch

{First Name}, it’s live now… [Listen FREE]
{First Name}, Are You Watching This...?
Your Link To Watch - FREE... [32+ Videos]
Watch This Now... [Healthy Pregnancy Summit]

Hey {First Name},

Did you register for free to attend the Healthy Pregnancy Virtual Summit sessions today?

>> Register Here Free

Now you can get the truth about pregnancy challenges and what you can do to ensure you have a healthy and fulfilling full-term pregnancy. 

You'll also learn about new science that is working for so many moms who've struggled  conceiving and keeping both themselves and their baby healthy...!

32+ healthy pregnancy experts are sharing the  proven strategies so that you can be the best mother you can be and feel confident in your choices.

It's only few for the next couple days, so be sure not to miss this one.  [Watch Here Free]

Talk Soon,
[ Signature Name ]

P.S. I just got my links to watch and  it's going to be a Blockbuster day... make sure that you register now before life gets in the way. {Register Here Free]

Cart Closing Last Day

{First Name}, are you going to… [CLOSING]
It's CLOSING,  {First Name}....
It's ENDS Tonight...
Did You Miss This {First Name}...?
Tick Tock... Countdown to CLOSING!

{First Name},

I wanted to make sure that you don't miss this if you haven’t upgraded to claim you VIP Pass yet.

>> [Claim Your VIP Pass Here]

Since today is the last day to get access to the recordings, transcripts and bonuses from the Healthy Pregnancy Summit, I didn't you to be upset with me for not reminding you!

As a Virtual Summit VIP Access Pass holder, you’ll have ongoing access to the event materials including videos, mp3s, notes, bonuses and more!

But you have to hurry before the door slam shut on this one at midnight tonight.

If you're still on the fence, I'd recommend that you just get in before the closing - they're offering a ninety-day super-guarantee!

This way have the time to really dig into the sessions and you’ll be covered no matter what!

Here’s your link to get in before midnight - [details here.]

Talk Soon,
[ Signature Name ]

P.S. You won’t be able to get your VIP Pass after midnight tonight, so be sure to grab it now before you forget. [>> Click Here to Claim Access <<]

Cart Closing Final Hours

{First Name}, LAST CHANCE… [Final Closing]
Only hours remain  {First Name}...
Sayonara VIP Pass...
Almost over  {First Name}....
Doors Are Slamming  Shut  {First Name}...

{First Name},

We’re down to only a few hours left and I hope that you had the sense to claim your Healthy Pregnancy Summit VIP Pass yet by now.

>>[Claim Your VIP Pass Here]

Dr. Jim Adams is a  friend to all moms and mother's to be and even dads who have struggled with conceiving and having a full-term, healthy pregnancy...

He has put together an amazing summit that is structured like a course so that people can learn how to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby without worry!

I’m hoping that you get in on this soon so you don’t miss out!

Here’s your link one last and final time to get  extended access to the videos, notes, mp3's, bonuses and more!

You’ll be so glad that you took the leap of faith and got in while you still could!

[Simply Click Here] to take advantage of the VIP Access Pass now before midnight when the doors close.

Talk Soon,
[ Signature Name ]

P.S. Dr. Adams has a reputation for really over delivering, so be sure that you don't miss out on this one and other unadvertised bonuses that he's going to offer VIPs after the summit is over.

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